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Published by admin May 07,2019

Apr 15th , I got a inquiry form Middle East, a big project, dozens pages of CAD drawing . Totally

5 products. Study the drawing include the craft, material, packaging, transportation etc.

Apr 16th , Start to find supplier from Alibaba. Since project involve too many drawing. Only a few of the supplier willing to offer prices. But the prices are far difference from them. I’m confused to take which supplier’s price for reference. To reach the order as soon as possible, I choose the medium price from the suppliers. Then offer price to customer. But no reply for total two months.

Jun 15th , I’m surprised to receive revised drawing from customer again. Then study carefully and adjust price according to the modification. Customer still response very slowly during the communication and negotiation.

Sep 8th , Customer send us official PO, total amount USD100,000. There is 40 pages contents with many legislation terms. I feel afraid of many terms which are not good by our side. We don’t have professional person to explain the terms in company. So I rejected the PO.

Sep 9th , Then customer feel anxious this time and explain those are their regular terms for their company. And said we can delete the not clear or risky terms we think. And remain the necessary terms in foreign trade business.

Sep 12th , We revise the PO then send to customer. And he is so kind and agree our payment terms for 50% deposit and balance payment before shipment.

Sep 15th to Sep 30th , Start making sample. The process doesn’t go not smoothly. In order save money, the solution to making sample is not the same as mass production. So the functions and appearance not good for first 3 times samples. And customer reject the samples and we have to make the forth time.

Oct 8th,We tried our best to communicate with factory and persuade them to change and improve the production way. Finally the samples are successful this time then send to customer.

Oct 15th, We get satisfactory response from customer. And 50% deposit received from customer in the same day. We start production at once. During production, I take initial to update the production process and status every week which get many good ideas and solution from customer. Meanwhile, we obtain customer’s confidence.

Nov 20th , Finish mass production. Balance payment also very prompt received on next day.