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Meeting a beautiful inquiry from Malaysia-Wrote by Katherine



Published by admin May 07,2019


April 24th,2018

Half year that I have been working this company.Like usual working day,I opened the computer, check emails from old clients,check new inquires in Alibaba.I seldom check the spam system, but i don’t why i would do that on this day,i just wanted to clear up junk mails.I didn’t notice that much a mail named Inquiry from APPLECRUMBYANDFISH. I thought is was a junk mail that i wanted to delete it at that moment,but i didn’t.I opened it just for fun,just for the word i am in fond of”fish”.It ‘s wrote by Mrs Regina,she said in the email that her company is doing business based on kid’s products,aged from newborn to 12 years old,including feeding products,schooling product etc.But she wanted to add some special baby care products for babies,like baby manicure tool.She said she found our company information in Alibaba and know that we are specialized in this line.So she wanted us to offer her some related items for her.I am so keen on the rabbit and little bear baby manicure set so that I recommended these items to Mrs Regina.

Mrs Regina was so fond of these two cute products that she would like us to send her two samples to Malaysia to check the quality.After confirm the samples delivery address, I arranged the delivery the next day.

May 4th,2018

I wrote email to Mrs Regina, she replied me, just wait for sometime,she was doing the marketing analysis for the items. Ok , I was waiting.

May 11th, 2018

I wrote to Mrs Regina again to ask about the marketing analysis. She told me that she was satisfied about the rabbit,but wanted a new design for the bear, with eyes.She said kids in Malaysia like bears with eyes.By the help of our professional design team, we finalized a new image for the bear.

Mrs Regina was so satisfied with that.

I was so happy and thinking that big orders are coming! But another problem comes.....Even we have BSCI certifications, Mrs Regina still required factory inspection before orders.So, we scheduled the date for factory inspection.

Detailed process for factory inspection no need to represent.From the airport to factory visit,Mrs Regina was such a easygoing person.After she went back to her country, she wrote to me saying that she was so impressive on this trip,worthy and meaningful.Here came the order for two baby manicure set 10000 sets each!

July at the middle, 2018

Due to our powerful factory production strength, we successfully make the delivery on time.But deals will never be ending. It just a good start for the cooperation between our company and Applecrumbyandfish. We design more cute baby manicures to cooperate with Applecrumbyandfish.

With such professional design products come out and meet the market, we believe that they will enjoy hot selling not only in Malay but also be popular all over the world.


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