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Nylon kitchen tools-Case sharing from Daisy



Published by admin May 07,2019

Oct 6th: I received an inquiry about nylon kitchen utensils. Then I made a catalogue of our company's nylon kitchen utensils and sent it to the customer for reference.

Oct 10th:After the customer received it, he chose a few samples and needed our quotation. The packaging requirements and transportation requirements are very clear. It can be seen that the customer's purchase demand is very clear.

Oct 12th:Then we quoted the price according to the customer's request.

Oct 13th:The customer is very satisfied and decided to send the color sample on his hand to us for reference and proofing through DHL.

Oct 20th:After we received the sample, we confirmed all details(sample time;sample color,packaging etc) with him and collected the $300 sample fee through paypal.

November 10th:After the sample is completed, we sent the sample to the customer through DHL for final confirmation.

November 20th: the customer sent us an email to express his appreciation. Sample done very well, and new order contract will be sent to us today.





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