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Zhuochen medical baby manicure set of four pieces-From Juan's share



Published by admin May 07,2019


May 4th, This is the first time I received inquiry form Buick, he inquired this item.

May 8th, I sent this sample to Buick.

May 15th, Buick said the product is very nice. There is nothing problem but he need to do some research of the market.

July 15th, Buick came to Guangzhou from Wuhan and would like to visit our factory.

July 16th, Buick said he need to come back to Wuhan temporarily for some emergency and could not visit our factory this time. Any may be come next time.

Aug 6th, After finishing the research of the product, Buick think there is big market for this item and ready to  decided to vigorously develop the market for mothers and  infants. He decided to come to our visit our company and factory.

Aug 9th, Buick came to visit our factory, know the detail information of the item then went back to Wuhan to start placing order.

Aug 13nd,The letter patent of this item is provided to Buick

Aug  20th, we recived 30% deposit and start mass production

Sep 28th, The goods finished and loaded.

Regard this project, from inquiry-detail discussion-sample confirmation-detail revision--mass production- cargo loading

I’m familiar with the process and can provide professional concept.